Monday, March 19, 2007

Things Are Happening!

Savannah has been having steady contractions since early in the morning Monday (but after I went to work). She had a checkup with the midwife at about 10 a.m. Our good friend Angela has been driving her around just to be safe.

The midwife had good news: it looks like Savannah is in early labor. Her contractions are steady and strong. For you ladies, the midwife says she has 90% effacement, and she had a bit of spotting as well - both good signs. No measurement on dilation yet, but we are pretty sure things are going as planned.

In order to try and shake the little fella loose, we three went on a walk to Rose City Park at about 3 p.m., and ended up parked under some trees while a small monsoon moved through the area. We had a few laughs over that. Ella joined us and had fun getting drenched while hunting for squirrels (score so far: Squirrels 357, Ella 0).

For those of you who have never seen our home, the photo is of our little red house in the woods (as we call it), since there are 10 tall trees on our little plot. It is a good house, and an old house with lots of squeaks and creaks. We both like it here.

We are planning to have Liam at Oregon Health Sciences University, better known as OHSU, and locally known as Pill Hill (because the hospital is on a hill). We will be in a birthing suite, which is a lot less clinical than a typical hospital room, with subdued lighting and such. Best of all, there is a big birthing tub in the room. Savannah's experience with other women giving birth has shown that a tub full of warm water greatly increases a woman's comfort and can speed up the process a bit. Liam will not be born IN the water, she will be out of the tub by then.

I'm sure many people are wondering if I, being a photographer/videographer, will be recording the Blessed Event as it were, and the answer is: no, I won't be. I will have other responsibilities at the time of birth that are more pressing, and Savvy and I both agree that the moment of truth is best remembered rather than preserved for posterity.

But shortly after the little guy makes his appearance, I will probably be reaching for a camera....

Watch for updates, we'll have a computer with us and OHSU has WiFi, so I'll post some photos a few hours after the big arrival!

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