Friday, March 23, 2007

No Place Like Home

Dorothy was right: there is no place like home. After a night in the hospital, with personnel coming in at all hours to poke and prod Liam and Savannah, our first night at home with the boy is bliss.

Liam's first night in the big bed goes well. He sleeps a bit, eats a bit, poops a LOT, and then sleeps some more. He has a surprising amount of head strength and is opening his eyes a lot and looking about, and making lots of cooing and other noises that generally make you go "ahhhh, that's SOOO cuuuute."

He has had no problem finding the buffet line and Savvy's milk is in, so no worries there. His skin is a bit dry and he's got some slight diaper rash, but overall things are great.

He does not cry much and we have several secret tricks to cope with that when it happens.

Savannah says I'm the Baby Whisperer since I can almost always calm him. She can calm him too, using her 'buttons' as we call them. That ALWAYS works.

He lost a bit of weight, which is normal, but now that the chow line is open, he will begin gaining it. Back at the hospital, he scored 9 and 9 on his two checkout tests right after birth (the nurse says they never give 10s unless a child is born singing Ave Maria or can levitate), and he passed his hearing test as well.

His little eyes are working fine but like most newbies, he shies away from bright light. He loves to look at Savannah at night when we have a little electric candle on that Taunia gave us (no flame).

He is sleeping a lot today, something we want to change pretty soon (so he sleeps at night), but for now, we are letting him do his thing as he sees fit. He gets some slack this early in the game.

OK, OK, I know you all want to see more photos, so here are a bunch.


Korin said...

sweet sweet pix. I love the sleeping with dad one. :)

Anonymous said...

A well told tale, Bill.

Congrats Mom and Dad !!