Sunday, March 18, 2007

Relaxing in the Pacific Northwest Sun

(Savannah writing)

We had a lovely weekend of sun and enjoyed spending several hours soaking it in. Still waiting for Liam's arrival, as patiently as possible. We believe birth goes best when it happens by natural timing so we are relaxing and enjoying our last few moments, hours or days before the journey of birth and new baby land begins! I am a bit uncomfortable, having lots of early/pre labor. I am confident my body knows just what it is doing.

(Bill writng)

WHEN THE HECK IS THIS BABY GONNA GET HERE?? OK, just kidding, but I'd like it if he'd show up soon if only for the comfort of Savannah, who is soldiering on daily with back pain, indigestion, bladder pressure, and sleep discomforts.

Went down to the anti-war rally as a journalist today and took many photos for . It looked to me like 20,000 people attended. Savannah was going to attend, but opted out due to visions of having the baby in the middle of the rally.

We also visited our friends Breana and Rich today. They have a brand new baby boy, just a few days old. A good preview for me as to what's to come. They have two other small children as well. The newest arrival, via home birth, is Kiran (kear-uhn). He is a very cute little baby. Here's a photo as I was holding him:

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