Saturday, January 26, 2008

The First First Step

Well, today it hapened. Liam took his first step.

Momma Savannah says that Liam was near the bedroom door and after she went through, he shut it (he likes to play with doors of all kinds now). Then, while standing up, he opened it, took two hestitant steps to Savannah, and called it a day for walking. I could not get him to repeat the performance.

I am sure many more baby steps will be coming soon, but there is only one first step. I was at work at the time, toiling on an editing project miles away. I am sorry to have missed the first steps, but thems the breaks.

I was lucky enough to be present for his first crawl on October 5 ,2007, and even more furtunate to capture the moment on video (I always carry a camera of some sort).

Liam has been close to walking for weeks. He does a lot of "cruising," which is standing up and scootching from object to object (or object to person/dog). All this is by the numbers for baby development (admittedly the walking thing is a bit early), but it is still pretty wonderous to see it happen to your kid. And, he likes to dance. It started as just a bounce but now he's added a side-to-side move that is pretty cute. I have the video camera at the ready.

Not so wonderous is Liam's health.

Yesterday he was sporting a temp of 104.1, so we took him to a clinic and the doctor said he has a bit of pheumonia, so he is on a course of antibiotics now and seems to be much better. Poor little guy, he was really out of it Friday, like a rag doll, all glassy-eyed and lethargic. He's pretty much back to his rambunctious self now, grabbing at everything, playing with toys and torturing Ella the dog. A little grumpy, maybe, but lots better all the same.

So I missed the First First Step. Soon there will be the First Step That Daddy Sees (and records), followed by the first walk to the park, the first run, the first tumble, the first swing on the park swing set, the first teeter-totter ride, the first bicycle, the first game of Little League, soccer or what ever sport he seems to take to.

So many firsts to go.

Editors note: Sorry for the long time between posts, but it's hectic as I'm sure you know, and we only like to post when there's something worth posting about. We know your time is valuable, too.