Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Savannah

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Savannah's mother-in-law, Mary Alice, calls shortly after Liam is born and asks me what kind of cake Savannah likes. I ask Savannah what kind of cake she likes.

She looks at me quizically and asks with complete sincerity, "Why does she want to know what kind of cake I like?"

Happy Birthday, sweet Savannah, even though you had forgotten all about it.

It's Day 4 with Liam and last night was not very easy for Savannah. Her milk is not quite all the way in (I thought it was), and he can only draw a bit at a time, therefore he wants to nurse ALL THE TIME.

Tiny babies don't know what time it is, so Savannah gets no sleep. If he's not nursing, he's crying (loudly). And diapers must be changed. He has that merconium stuff for poop, and its like street tar. OK, way too much information, I know.

After one feeding session in the morning, I put Liam in a body sling and putter around the house while Savannah rests. Slings rock, doncha know. The baby is in swaddle position, can hear your heart beat and they doze off almost immediately. Your natural walking motion is highly calming. You get both hands free to do stuff. Liam is out like a light. Once he wakes up, he just likes to look around, no crying. He also likes to play pull my finger (GOOD BOY!!).

At 11 a.m., Rhonda, one of our doula's, shows up and takes the reins. I am able to run some needed errands and most importantly, Savvy is able to sleep for a while.

Doula's are great. They are professional baby wranglers and also knock out chores like laundry, dishes, food prep and minor housekeeping. They help you make the transition from two people to two and a highly needy third.

It is a luxury to be sure, but we appreciate the short window of time the doula provides for us to leave 'the bubble' and live in reality for a short time. It's worth it.

About 2 p.m., it's time for bath #1 for Liam. Daddy gets the call for the first bath. He (Liam, that is) squalls mightily as he gets in the water, but pretty soon he finds he likes it, and I splash some warm water on him after the washing duties. He likes it and splashes around happily.

Once out, the cries of bloody murder begin anew. Then he is handed off to Mom for some lunch.

Mother-in-law Mary Alice shows up with said cake and a present for Savannah. Angela is also here, and we all enjoy some cake while Liam sleeps. Doc Roberson declines the birthday party as he is suffering from a bad cold (and is probably watching some hoops on TV).

Then its time for another diaper change. For the first time, no black tar poop, just little mustard poop.

I know, I know, waaay too much information.

See you again soon.

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Vicky York said...

Savvy, don't forget to learn to nurse lying down so you can sleep.
I LOVE the picture with Bill in gloves being prepared for the diaper change. HA ha.
Bill is there a guy at KATU named John Barker. used to work behind the scenes with the cameras or something.
Hey, Bill, can I quote your paragraph about doulas being professional baby wranglers... I will give you credit it for it. it's a great testimonial. Vicky
Vicky York