Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17, St. Paddy's Day

Savannah had a few "painful" contractions last night, but nothing major, and she slept good otherwise. It would be fun if the little guy were to arrive today, but he will come when he is ready. Savvy tells me that the due date (ours was yesterday) is pretty much a rough estimate, but said she also felt it was bit like her birthday.... except no present arrived.

We have been walking every day (Sav walks slowly with lots of rest stops) as that is supposed to get things moving along. I suggested some scary movies might work, but got vetoed on that. I'll have to watch Alien alone, again.....

The walks have been good though, and Spring is really springing over at Rose City Park, where we stroll around the golf course each evening. The pink cherry blossoms are popping on the trees, which reminds me of my March 2004 trip to Japan. I left Tokyo just as the Cherry Blossom festivites were getting serious. It is their Easter of sorts there, and they whoop it up pretty good.

Here's a photo of Sav and Ella along the path we walk each day, with Spring beginning to bloom.

Like the song says, sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.

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