Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On Our Own

Papa Bill is back at work, our doulas are gone, the lovely friends with meal deliveries have slowed and now it is just me and Liam, on our own.

We sleep off and on in the night, waking often for diapee changes, nursing and snuggling. During the day we laze on the couch and I watch Liam grow, by the minute it seems. Suddenly a newborn jumper that swallowed him at birth is almost too short for his long legs. He doesn't cry or fuss much. I listen for his cues and respond to his needs. He will grunt and bop his head when hungry. He will squirm and turn red in the face when needing to be burped. And as much as he eats, it seems his diaper needs to be changed just about anytime I can think to do it.

We can't wait till 2:45 because that is when Ella will jump up and pace and whine at the door. Papa Bill is home from work. We have been enjoying afternoon time going for walks as a family. I look forward to a few minutes to myself to fold laundry, soak in the tub or answer my email.

Somehow our days seem both long and short. Long in that we accomplish very little that is tangible; some days feel like a lazy sunday afternoon that never ends. Short in that every minute something amazing is changing within Liam and I want to notice every inch of it.


wendy davis said...

What a beautiful boy, and a lucky one too. I was reading all your messages, and then noticed tears just streaming down my face. Something about the love and honesty -- the light, in your family. I really appreciate these lovely messages and pictures.Thank you. Wendy

Ellie said...

What a beautiful family you have! Much love to you all.

RichardGoodrich said...

Takes me back a few years - at least 30 or so! I am praying the wonder of Liam will cause you to rejoice in a Sovereign and Amazing God Who controls and ordains All things!

Love, Grandpa, Richard