Sunday, April 1, 2007

In My Time

By Liam*

Today was a good day.

I slept good most of the night, except for the part where I woke up and it was real dark, and I felt a bit damp, but Mom and Dad took care of that and it only took about an hour to get back to sleep.

I think they like getting up a lot to make sure I'm OK, so I try to do it several times each night.

When I woke up in the morning I was hungry, so I stuck out my tongue and pretty soon Mommy had some breakfast for me. I felt damp again, so I had to take another trip to the special warm table where I get dry. Daddy loves to play with me at that table.

Later on, Dad set me up in my special place by the big window, where I like to watch the people, dogs, cars and clouds go by. It's one of my favorite spots. I also like to look out the window when Big Fuzzy is there. She likes to bark at the squirrels.

Later on in the morning, I went to the park with Mom, Dad, and Big Fuzzy. I'm not good at walking yet, so Dad carried me in his special shirt. I like the special shirt a lot, sometimes it puts me to sleep. The sun was shining at the park, and it was warm out.

After a little nap and a snack, Pa and Nana came over to visit. Pa held me for a while, so did Nana. They are both real nice and I like it when they visit. Pa held me under my arms until I went to sleep.

After that nap, mom said it was time for a bath. I like to take baths, the water is warm, and I can stretch out. Sometimes I get real cold when I get out of the water, though. Dad dried me off today while mom took a longer bath.

Daddy held me for a while after my bath and I looked around a lot. Daddy is real big, bigger than Mommy. I hope I'll be real big someday too.

Then Mommy played with me for a while, too. Mommy is soft and warm, and she feeds me. Daddy needs to shave and take a shower.

Sometimes I think I like Mommy better.

I hope tomorrow is as good as today was.

(*NOTE: Liam's comments have been edited for spelling and grammar)

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Korin said...

I hope tomorrow is as good as today was.

OMG that made me weep. The wisdom of babes eh?