Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Getting to know each other

By Savannah

Today is Tuesday and tomorrow will be the two week mark of our time with Liam earthside. The first two weeks are such an adjustment time. We are all just getting to know each other.

Liam is getting used to his body, all its functions and feelings, needs and development. Sometimes he seems surprised at his body, the little motions it makes jst beyond his control. He makes a noise and I can see on his face his wondering where it came from. At times it seems he has one response to everything: mouth open, little grunting sound, head bonking and rooting. He is an easily soothed baby and if bouncing on Papa doesn't work, nursing always does.

I am getting used to waking up many times a night to feed him. I am surprised at the deep sense of patience that I feel. I can sit for hours and snuggle him, nurse him, stare at the window with him. It is not my usual personality. I am a go-go on the move kind of person.So is it hormones or a miracle or just the fact that I know now how short these days are and want to relish the few moments of babyhood?

Bill moves around us like a protective force. I can feel him watching our dance together, waiting to fill a need. He feeds us, steps in to help with Liam, and watches us some more. Sometimes a Papa's place is confusing in these early days. He goes back to work next week and we will miss him. I like the look of amazement on his face as he falls in love a bit more every day.

And poor Ella. She is just plain confused. We call her "down-a-peg". She is the baby no more.

And then there is this new entity called, Our Family. We are all getting to know each other in new roles. I am seeing Bill as a Papa for the first time. I have been a Mama since we first met (of Caleb) but now I am the Mama of a baby who is very demanding of me as such. Things have changed around here...
And will continue to change, daily.


Anonymous said...

Whitehead said, "the many become one and are increased by one."

RichardGoodrich said...

Really enjoying the pictures of my grandson. Saving some as JPEGs to take home to Grandma Jan.

Love, Dad (Richard)

RichardGoodrich said...

Really enjoying the pictures and saved several as JPEGs for GrandMa Jan to take home on my memory stick.

GrandPa, Richard