Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Warm October

By Bill

Hello everyone!

Well, we had a great summer here in Portland, and its been especially memorable for Savannah and myself as we have watched young Liam transition from a wobbly baby to a chattering, curious, sweet and always-in-motion little boy (including while sleeping).

Sure, he's still wearing diapers (we're working on that), and he's only a little bit taller than he was in the spring, but the changes have been constant and drastic.

It was a great summer with good weather and lots to do. Caleb came up from Texas for a too-short visit and should be driving by now. Savannah got a very nasty staph infection in her foot that left her bedridden so that was a challenge for us all. She has since healed up with the help of some $2,000 antibiotics ($100 per pill!!).

I've been shooting photos and video all summer and into the fall, and in the past few days, the weather has been just terrific. We have been taking Liam to the park nearby for some hours of playtime.

Here are some very recent photos with descriptions underneath. I promise more will be coming after Halloween. Thanks for reading, and as always, click on the photos for a larger version!


Bill, Savannah, Liam, Caleb and Ella the dog.

This is what Liam looks like today, this photo was taken just days ago. But still - the changes keep coming. See those shoes? They're history, too small now.

Liam runs ahead of daddy to go play on the carousel. He is always running, figuring how to go fast.

There's lots to see and do at the park. Here, Liam is entranced by a juggler who regularly practices near the tennis courts.

What kid doesn't love the teeter-totter? Liam is no exception.

Liam is super-active. He loves to walk and run. Keep on truckin', son....

Savannah needed a picture for her blog (she used a slightly different one) showing adults "rediscovering" their inner child. Not a problem for me since mine never got lost. Liam won't remember this moment in the future, so I broke out my electric trains that I got when I was 5 and set up this shot (Savannah pulled the trigger). He'll be getting these trains in a few years.

Here's a shot from mid-summer at a city children's fair. A bright sunny day where we had some fun.

Same day at the fun fair. Liam makes friends easily.

Liam is a cute kid, but not all babies are cute. Most are, like his buddy Asher.

Remember the 70s movie "Tommy" by the Who? Well, here's our little Tommy with his headphones on and pacifier in. Truth be told, Liam never did take a pacifier as a baby and only does now on rare occasion. As for the "headphones," they're actually shooting earmuffs that cut sound. He found them one day and loves to wear them. Couldn't resist the photo.

Liam still loves his peas - and broccoli. He definitely got Savannah's taste in food. Broccoli? Ick.

Liam's pal Ella persists in her eternal hunt for squirrels. So far, the score stands at: Squirrels: 3,729, Ella 0.

Fall has arrived here in Oregon, snow is starting to fall on Mt. Hood, which is over 11,000 feet tall. Ski season is almost here! This view is from close to our home.

We're having a great time watching the little guy grow up. Thanks for reading. See you again soon.


Richey Goodrich said...

Thanks for adding the pics! They are really cute. We enjoyed getting to see Liam in person a couple of weeks ago.

UrbanHippieMama said...

beautiful photos, bill.. as always!

Nancy Fyfe Roberson said...

A note from Uncle Ron & Nancy.....Precious Liam looks just like you Bill when you were this age. Hugs to all and we always love seeing new pics.

Nancy Fyfe Roberson said...

We love seeing precious Liam growing and looking so cute. According to Uncle Ron, Mr. Liam looks just like his daddy did at this age. Many hugs to you. Ron and Nancy