Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two Months Young

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Liam was born two months ago today. Sixty days. What a short time for a life. I can hear a radio announcer’s voice saying:
“Try our product for sixty days and if not satisfied, return for a full refund.”

I think we will keep him.

He had some exciting firsts this weekend:
He met his “due date” buddy Kiran (they were due the exact same day) and had a play date with him on Mama Breana’s couch. Liam was feeling quite the pirate that day.

His first ride on a max train went really well. He snuggled up in my babyhawk carrier and enjoyed the motion of the train while being close to my body (so much nicer than a car seat).

He met his Grandpa Johnny from Texas for the first time. We all had brunch in a restaurant with nice tablecloths and wine glasses and he didn’t even howl. He fell asleep peacefully in his Papa’s arms without a whimper.

And he slept for five hours in a row one night! I woke up after four hours in a panic wondering if he was still breathing (he was right beside me in bed). I had not had more than two hours sleep in a row for over two months.

I feel like a different woman, more alive, more human, with more brain cells.

All in all, the past two months have been exhausting and wonderful.

Here are more recent photos of Liam!


Korin said...

no pix showing up, mama!

Anonymous said...

I look so forward to being with Liam and Caleb on your trip this fall...GrandPa